Monday, February 4, 2008

What's up his butt????

The Sprout is a low key guy. He isn't bothered by a whole lot. Noise doesn't bother him,. Dogs licking his face don't bother him. Not pooping for days on end doesn't bother him. Siblings sitting on him doesn't bother him. Me eating chocolate doesn't bother him.

Well for the past three days he's been screaming bloody murder in the car. I put him in his carseat, and all is fine for about 10 minutes, then he starts complaining, and nothing can distract him, it escalates til he's full on crying and arching his back to get out.

We kept pulling over and I kept cuddling him, burping him and offering to nurse and then we'd try again and the same thing would happen. Well yesterday I got so frustrated by it I yanked the carseat out of the car to see if there was something broken on it. Looked at everything and it was all fine. Felt the upholstery along the sides, and everything was fine. Felt the straps, no strange twists or bends that could be chafing. Felt down the bucket of the seat, and oh my lord??? WHAT is THAT?? I was poked hard by something long and very pointy. We pull off the cover, along the side of the road, and find that Wild Thing has secretted away a DRUMSTICK inside the carseat.

"Mine sword!" He exclaims happily.

"Great, you can have it back when we get home!" as I reassemble the carseat ALONG THE SIDE OF THE ROAD.

Sprout hasn't made a peep in the carseat since then.


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Oma said...

I loved this post. The whole thing unfolded in 3-D technicolour ... especially Max's delight.

Anonymous said...

omg! LOL!
No wonder he was crying.
Poor baby.