Thursday, February 7, 2008

Goodbye Year of the Pig, Hello Year of the Rat. OR Whats Up HER Butt???

I called last year Year of the Louse. Please don't make this year Year of the Worm.

Nature Girl has not been sleeping well for the past week, a few nightmares, a lot of night waking and, as it turns out, a really itchy butt. Last night she kept making trips to the toilet at bedtime. I thought it was a stalling technique and demanded that she let me come in to the bathroom.

"My bum feels all wierd" and she's dancing frenetically by the toilet.

She's pretty dramatic but this was new. My mommy brain started putting the sleeplessness, and itchy butt together. I look in the toilet and EWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!! PINWORMS.

Papa Pan went out right away and got deworming medicine for everyone (but Sprout, he's too little, pray he doesn't have them - pristine gut and all, I'd like his first food to be something OTHER than caramel flavoured worming medicine!).

It may seem strange, with five kids, but until last year and the lice I'd never gone through these routine kid infestations before. I'm proud of myself for even thinking of worms when she started dancing. I remember tons of worm medicine as a kid (it was red and it stained). Thank God for the washer and dryer, and hot running water, and all night pharmacies!

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