Monday, February 4, 2008

What kind of homemaker are you?

UPDATE !!! In between laundry loads today I cleared away the diningroom clutter. It is looking much too sparse now! I have plans in here - painting it a more neutral "kraft paper" colour - the whole of the house is this green! I want to salvage willow branches from outside and weave them up above the window as a window treatment, some plants, and a blackboard on one of the walls. I want to do simple wooden beaded board panelling below the chair rail too. I'd like to see about more of Jan's wooden womanspirit figures. We are making a new dining table when we get a chance - out of old barn boards. I want to put in a small hutch/bookcase for the kid's dishes too, so they can get their own dishes down - the kitchen is too small for a "Kid Cupboard" and I really miss it. This would be a good room for one of my bird encaustic paintings too.

A lovely fabric centrepiece in the diningroom complete with sewing machine and left over holiday gift bags.

I'm the "clean but cluttered with good intentions" sort.

I've been working on my "step over it and it doesn't exist" approach to laundry left on the floor. But with a move between two provinces, a baby, and a "first real home owner" experience my intentions are often a lot grander than what I think I can accomplish. To embarrass myself into action I will post a picture a day of my cluttered house, when I complete the task of decluttering I'll post a picture...starting with the shameful way I'm storing fabric to make: a blanket for the sprout and curtains for all the closets we took the doors down on.

and about the boxes in a future post (I can see the future of my blogging!) ...

Those boxes got put outside awaiting recycling day, which I missed, and then the truck wouldn't take them because they weren't folded flat, and then it started snowing like crazy and between snow/rain, and sub zero weather locking them in place they've stayed there 2 months. I keep telling myself I'll go out and rip them up and throw them in the composter but it usually seems too full. This thursday is garbage/recycling day. As you are my witness, they are leaving!


Rebecca said...

Embarrass yourself into action- LOL! I understand too well.

deb said...

A great craft paper colour is Home Hardware's Nootka, from their historical palette. I have painted my last four houses using this as the basis for the rest of my colours...Lindsay just used it for her house too.