Friday, February 15, 2008

10 heart warming things in February...

Soulemama suggested this as a cure for the mid Febuary funk...

10 things that make me smile right now

1. Sprout's squealing laugh, and nose grabbing fascination with all our faces right now.

2. IMing with Dark Mirror and the comic he's got me hooked on - Misfile -

3. Papa Pan reading pirate lore by the fire to everyone before bed.

4. Wild Thing's morning ritual: potty, costume, breakfast exactly like Nature Girl's, then playing with clay amidst the breakfast dishes.

5. Nature Girl reading to ME.

6. That excited and itching to paint feeling I get walking into the studio now.

7. The catfood dish (Nature Girl made it and it is perfect!)

8. Wild Thing asking me to rip open his eyeballs (clementine oranges) :-)

9. My bad job at cutting my bangs - all choppy and definitely "homespun" and I think, very cute!

10 Splashing on rosewater at noon and having Nature Girl curl up in my lap at 5 and tell me I smell good.

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Oma said...

Nice idea. I will try making "mine own list" when my head stops ringing. Kenay and Havoc are settling in.