Thursday, February 7, 2008

Sadly, I did not get the boxes out of the driveway...

They are completely locked into place with ice.

I really love garbage day.

Garbage is collected every second week here. I put out 2 medium sized bags of garbage, 3 or 4 bags of recyclables and returnables - seperated - and a large rolling composter filled to the brim each week. For a family our size, I think its pretty good. In a few months we have to start putting our garbage out in clear bags so we can be shamed into properly seperating our trash. I support this completely.

Our utility room is the last space to get unpacked but once it has been Nature Girl and Wild Thing will set up business with cleaning the returnables and get to keep the money. I think if we do returns where applicable we'll get our waste disposal down to a bag of garbage a week and a bag of recyclables, plus the composter.

If they'd let us compost our kitty litter I'd be able to put out one bag of garbage every two weeks!


Oh the shame my composter got a big orange sticker on it chastising me for putting some ashes in it!!! Why can't I compost our fireplace ashes, we always have? Oh well, they'll go in our "personal composter" in the spring.

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