Friday, February 8, 2008

Being a World Citizen

My children's moral education is very important to me. I want my kids to be inquisitive free thinkers, to be virtuous, and to truly see themselves as world citizens first and foremost.

They aren't disappointing me.

I'm really glad we moved to Wolfville from Chelsea for a bunch of reasons. One I hadn't really counted on, was that this little town is, thanks to a world class university - Acadia, very multicultural. Chelsea was so wealthy it was homogeneous.

Anyhow, I was thinking about this today because I make a point of exposing my children to as many cultures as possible without it being a contrived activity, and it is now a lot easier.

I just read a wonderful book with Nature Girl and Wild Thing called Beatrice's Goat written by Page McBrier. It is the story of a little girl in Uganda and how a goat named Mugisa (Lucky) totally changes her family's life. It's about (and helps fund) Heifer International, the aide project that provides families with small livestock loans and education in sustainable farming methods. I think donating some animals in Africa will be one of our service projects this year.


Oma said...

Good idea. Kids need to understand where their money is going and goats and cows are easy to understand. SAIPEH (Stephen Lewis is funding them) in Western Kenya has such a project ... goats,cows and chickens ... for the caregivers of the AIDS orphans so that they can feed the children and raise money to support them. The offspring of the animals are passed on to other people who need them, rather than remaining with the first lucky family. SAIPEH also provides education to accompany the animals so that the recipients are made stronger.

Money can be sent through Layla or through CTF to SAIPEH for this kind of donation. Also likely through the Stephen Lewis Foundation. All of these are Canadian organizations which will provide tax receipts.

Mud Mama said...

Great! How much are flocks of chicks? Do you know?

Oma said...

I will find out.