Friday, May 21, 2010

Have I ever mentioned how much I love Kijiji?

It's where I go for appliances furniture what have you.

I have been watching daily for CSA approved wood cook-stoves and classic BROWN leather sofas and club chairs (those new squishy ones with big folded over arms look like a pile of intestines to me).

Every once in awhile I search for vintage stuff too.

For Mother's Day Papa Pan got me EXACTLY THE SAME victorian men's dresser with tall mirror that my dad had when I was little. It has a small cupboard on the right hand side and my imaginary friend lived in there. I'll post pictures of it once we move (we haven't reassembled it since bringing it home)

For years I've been looking for a green velvet sofa. A settee. One with pretty legs and curved arms - something Duncan Phyfe like.

Look what we found!

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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Just life...

Beautiful sunny day.

Laundry load after laundry load on the line.

Kids playing outside with wildflowers

Climbing trees

Running and laughing.

Picnic in the grass.

Swinging up to the clouds and belly racing down the slide.

Digging in the red red earth.

Inside the house is a mess of boxes and half packed bins and piles to donate and piles to mend (I tend to forget about it!)half the curtains are down. the toys are no where to be found. Without cleaning the corners fill with dust bunnies and pennies and used up pens.

But life isn't inside this house we're moving from, it's out there in the sun, the wind the rain and snow.

The neighbours said she was sad to see us go, I have such nice polite children and it makes them so happy to see them playing outside all the time because so few children do anymore.

I'm so excited to see what they think of the stream at the back of our property.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

We found our farmhouse sink today!

We also got a whole bunch of shutters for free (they're for the attic).

This sink is designed to have a cover - a cutting board/chopping block cover. I'm stoked, given our complete lack of countertops. It's a 1938 universal utility sink. It cost us 100.00 and came with the legs and all the original hardware.
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More spring kids...

Sprout loves all the flowers but especially these ones.
Wild Thing right before he decided if he was going worm hunting a coat would be a good idea.
Nature Girl and her wild carrot root pig snouted medieval damsel Christina. When they say homeschoolers are wierd, this might be why. Christina isn't just any wild carrot pig snouted damsel, Christina is an actual historical figure who fought back against the Church and her family to stay chaste and take vows in an Abbey (a sordid tale where she was promised to a Bishop as a mistress and the Bishop got her parents permission for this by arranging a marriage to a Duke. Christina would have none of it and actually hung from nails in the walls of her chamber to keep the Duke from bedding her. Nature Girl will recount this while she combs her root's hair.

Sprout is developing his own fashion sense, modelled after his greatest idol - Wild Thing.
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