Friday, May 21, 2010

Have I ever mentioned how much I love Kijiji?

It's where I go for appliances furniture what have you.

I have been watching daily for CSA approved wood cook-stoves and classic BROWN leather sofas and club chairs (those new squishy ones with big folded over arms look like a pile of intestines to me).

Every once in awhile I search for vintage stuff too.

For Mother's Day Papa Pan got me EXACTLY THE SAME victorian men's dresser with tall mirror that my dad had when I was little. It has a small cupboard on the right hand side and my imaginary friend lived in there. I'll post pictures of it once we move (we haven't reassembled it since bringing it home)

For years I've been looking for a green velvet sofa. A settee. One with pretty legs and curved arms - something Duncan Phyfe like.

Look what we found!

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red fraggle said...

Beautiful. I know, Kijiji is wonderful and now that we know a huy who will pick stuff up for us any further house stuff is coming from there. Ikea is handy for book cases but the quality is meh. And I love the idea of passing things along.

Enjoy your couch!

XUP said...

Great find!

6512 and growing said...

"defender of childlike wonder in the world"
Oh how beautiful!

Duckie said...

It looks so comfy! @.@ I'm in love with it.