Saturday, May 1, 2010

More spring kids...

Sprout loves all the flowers but especially these ones.
Wild Thing right before he decided if he was going worm hunting a coat would be a good idea.
Nature Girl and her wild carrot root pig snouted medieval damsel Christina. When they say homeschoolers are wierd, this might be why. Christina isn't just any wild carrot pig snouted damsel, Christina is an actual historical figure who fought back against the Church and her family to stay chaste and take vows in an Abbey (a sordid tale where she was promised to a Bishop as a mistress and the Bishop got her parents permission for this by arranging a marriage to a Duke. Christina would have none of it and actually hung from nails in the walls of her chamber to keep the Duke from bedding her. Nature Girl will recount this while she combs her root's hair.

Sprout is developing his own fashion sense, modelled after his greatest idol - Wild Thing.
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