Thursday, July 29, 2010

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

I think this captures the colour better and Sprout is cute too!

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Master Bedroom Before and After

We still need to refinish the floors and do some gentle stripping of the woodwork. I'll be putting a stained glass "screen" in the little square window, and we have half shutters for the window.

I can't really capture how yellow the green is, when I started putting it over the blue it looked orange!
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Saturday, July 24, 2010

busy weekend ahead

Duckie is off to Ottawa on the train...should be getting into Ottawa in under 2 hours!
For Darkmirror - power lines in there any other province that fills it's downtown core with aboveground wires???
Sprout is helping Papapan unload the slab we're using for fencing. He is serious about helping!
2 year olds have the most incredible work ethic!
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Thursday, July 22, 2010


We're stalled on working on the Attic because we're waiting for the electrician to do their job.

So we've turned to the bathrooms. We're replacing toilets and floors and sinks and thinking of ways to spruce them up.

We needed a plunger.

Papa Pan decided he'd break away from his usual search for the most utilitarian thing he can find and went for "decorative"

Duckie and I had the exact same reaction. Stunned silence, then "OMG! YOU HAVE TO TAKE THAT BACK!!!!"

From now on Papa Pan will stick with utilitarian plumbing devices.
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We took Duckie on an adventure

She'd never been along the south shore so after a trip to Halifax we drove south along the eastern shore home. There was an unexpected disaster along the way though. We unthinkingly gave Sprout some dark chocolate. It was a coating on an icecream bar. Sprout is allergic to real chocolate. First he becomes hilarious. Then demonic, then pitiful and whiny, then he passes out and sleeps fitfully.

Demonic spitting at everyone
Demonic shreiking that makes your ears ring.
But as usual the bright houses along the coast made us smile.
I particularly like this one.

It was a 5 hour detour, but it was well worth it! Duckie loved it!
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Introducing our new reading chair!

We picked up this LITTLE rocker at Red Barn Antiques in Port Williams for 20.00.
It is sized just right for all the kids to cuddle into and read, Sprout shows you how.
Room for one mama, one Nature Girl or two little boys. It's comfy.
Sprout loves it! You will too Wild Thing and Nature Girl!
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Sprout and his "Gitar"

Sprout loves watching music videos that show people playing their guitars.
He runs and gets his ukelele as soon as they start
He watches their technique and tries it out himself
He's very focussed about it all.
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days are slipping by...

Everyone here loves strawberry season (and we don't have to leave home in search of blackberries anymore!)
Duckie took this picture of the Sprout. I love it. It captures the mischief behind those big blue eyes.
We found the farm where we'll be getting out chickens from next spring. Day old chicks - Chanticlers.
The climbing roses from inside the kitchen.
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Saturday, July 10, 2010


Sprout in his favorite outfit.
The climbing roses LOVE the heat and humidity
Little bouquets of sweet william are springing up everywhere like weeds!
The air is so heavy the whole house smells like the honeysuckle that climbs on either side of the kitchen door. The drone of big fat gentle bumble bees is joined by the whir of hummingbirds from dawn til dark.

Our bedtime ritual has been a qick run to Lumsden Dam to cool off before putting Sprout to bed. Duckie has been joining us too. It really helps to go for a swim before bed.
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Sunday, July 4, 2010

I found the cord for the cameras!

Right before the move Mica got really nervous and we spent a lot of time giving her extra loves...
She and Duckie loving on each other...
Sprout wearing his yard sale monster head. They gave it to him for free...
Sprout displaying the bizarre logic only toddlers possess. He can magically talk to Wild Thing through this mirror! I don't totally get the connection he's made, but when he misses Wild Thing, Darkmirror or Nature Girl he picks up this mirror and chats to them. I think it's like the Twig thinking Darkmirror never leaves his room.
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