Thursday, July 22, 2010

We took Duckie on an adventure

She'd never been along the south shore so after a trip to Halifax we drove south along the eastern shore home. There was an unexpected disaster along the way though. We unthinkingly gave Sprout some dark chocolate. It was a coating on an icecream bar. Sprout is allergic to real chocolate. First he becomes hilarious. Then demonic, then pitiful and whiny, then he passes out and sleeps fitfully.

Demonic spitting at everyone
Demonic shreiking that makes your ears ring.
But as usual the bright houses along the coast made us smile.
I particularly like this one.

It was a 5 hour detour, but it was well worth it! Duckie loved it!
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XUP said...

Who's Duckie?? I read all the way back and couldn't find any reference to this mysterious being. Also, I miss the multi-coloured houses in the maritimes.

Rebecca A said...


Mud Mama said...

Duckie is Darkmirror's girlfriend. She's from NFLD, hilarious, brash, outgoing, smart, and a very talented artist, actor, writer and photographer.

She originally appears in the blog just before Christmas.