Saturday, July 10, 2010


Sprout in his favorite outfit.
The climbing roses LOVE the heat and humidity
Little bouquets of sweet william are springing up everywhere like weeds!
The air is so heavy the whole house smells like the honeysuckle that climbs on either side of the kitchen door. The drone of big fat gentle bumble bees is joined by the whir of hummingbirds from dawn til dark.

Our bedtime ritual has been a qick run to Lumsden Dam to cool off before putting Sprout to bed. Duckie has been joining us too. It really helps to go for a swim before bed.
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zoom said...

I love love love Sprout's favourite outfit.

Anonymous said...

I have a similar outfit. Mine's not as tight though and not made of that lovely perma-press material. Mine also seems to have more pleats and folds and pockets. Hmmmm. Also, I don't have the matching parasol.

deb said...

I have a larger version of the same outfit.

Mud Mama said...

We all need the unselfconscious style of a 2 yr old :-)