Friday, February 29, 2008

Cause Science is Cool!

Science grrrls rocking out at the science fair!!!

Nature Girl had a great time at the science fair, she didn't win anything, but she's fine with that.
Lets just say...I think parents really ruin these things for kids when they do too much. Papa Pan was chastising me for taking dictation and typing things up for Nature Girl, but sheesh! I'm surprised that the kids were even allowed to sign some of these projects - cause y'know, their childlike scrawl would ruin it!
Cool things I noticed, it was mostly girls who entered and girls were also way more likely to do team projects. We moved here from the second most wealthy community in all of Quebec and this is a much "poorer" region but the school library??? It is HUGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It has so many more books!!!!!!!!!!!!! Very impressive.

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