Monday, March 3, 2008

Feeling settled deep in my bones

This weekend was all about being a primal monkey mama for me.

Dark Mirror arrived friday night, and settled right in. It is wonderful how easily we all slipped into our family "places".

Dark Mirror bosses around Nature Girl, and she doesn't listen and they stare daggers at one another. I smooth things out with humour and pushing the little ones out to play in the snow until they're exhausted...Emily Armstrong would have said "to blow the stink off", and yes it really does, they return rosy cheeked and calm and getting along.

Nature Girl doesn't complain that she's missing her weekend in Halifax (invited on a weekend long adventure with a friend) she's just so happy to have her big brother HOME.

Wild Thing absolutely idolizes Dark Mirror and copies everything he does and gets him to play with a Ro-Hawk - which is NOT a robot, it is a spiderman who looks like a robot, but can't be because Spiderman is NOT a robot. They understand one another.

Sprout puts on his best show of giggling and yelling. He smiles at every face Dark Mirror makes, and demands his airtime during the cacophony that is dinnertime here.

We all geek out reading the Darwin Awards book together and laughing altogether too much at other people's misfortune.

Saturday was as usual, the Farmer's Market and hooking up with people for a preschool coop, I love watching Nature Girl run off with friends and taking good care of Wild Thing, him holding her hand, and biding her as she mother hens.

We all went out to the Night Kitchen (community arts night) and my heart was about full to bursting watching Dark Mirror calmly take charge of Wild Thing, getting him to participate when appropriate and sit still when that was what was expected.

And Dark Mirror knows me so well, and gives me huge hugs and wonderful private moment mama and almost grown up son kisses and lets me get my fill of monkey mamaing with combing his hair and measuring him, and cleaning out his ears, and there's no eye rolling, and he loves it too...ohhh good stuff!!!!

He hooked up with the local dungeons and dragon playing boys and tonight is running a game that'll probably fill several evenings. All the boys are NICE boys here, and I love seeing him pick up where they all left off and see them calling him by his nickname right away ...and he's friends with more boys here in a few short days than he's ever had in his life.

Dark Mirror is doing the teen thing - sleeping late, but happily cuddling with the Sprout in his bed while I walk the dog.

And I just feel deeply settled and at PEACE, because my kids are all together - the way it should be.


Oma said...

There is a lump in my throat and tears under my lids ... I am very happy for all of you.

zoom said...

Beautiful post. I know how much you love him and miss him.

deb said...

I have the same reaction as Mom, tears threatening to flow. How long is he there for?

Mud Mama said...

He's here til sunday, then they spend a week together in Ottawa and then they get 2 weeks together in the summer somehow :( It isn't enough.

One one hand, I'd love to cloister him away and not share him with anyone else outside our family, but on the other - this is the only time he gets to do NORMAL teen things like play D&D with other kids in person - in Ottawa his father orchestrates it - he is the Dungeon Master - playing with him and one or both of his friends - or he is playing with anonymous people online. He NEEDS this sort of thing where he explores the world on his own, makes friends and has his own relationships with them.