Monday, March 31, 2008

Halfy Birthday Sprout!

While I'm still kicking myself for freecycling away most of Wild Thing's baby clothes - 75% of his wardrobe was really cool WAHM stuff - hand dyed, stencilled, patchy, handknit, reconstructed fun stuff - I'm an excellent thrift store shopper.

Sprout is growing like a weed so in honour of his first six months I went through his bins this weekend and pulled all the 0-6month sized stuff out and bagged it up for freecycling, only wincing once at the thought "if I give it away will I find myself pregnant again???" then dove into my bins of thrifted stuff. Bingo! A whole new wardrobe!

So here is his Halfy Birthday Outfit 100% recycled and reused ware! Doesn't he look pleased???


zoom said...

He's such a sweetie. Love that grin.

Did you ever take the photo of him on Easter wearing the whole handknit outfit? I'd love to see it.

Mud Mama said...

I got it out, but its still too big, he's SWIMMING in the pants, in another month or so I'll try it again.

monkey said...

oh my goodness...i want to munch on his face! and i love the recylced clothing...i am blessed to have lots of friends with older children so i was handed down bins and bins of clothes. we haven't had to buy anything. it's cheap AND makes me feel good about recycling! and i hear you about not wanting to get rid of anything just yet. i have bags of maternity clothes sitting here still. we aren't planning on more babies but i was on birth control with this, you never know!

radical mama said...

Oh, that is precious! I just love babies in a chunky sweater!