Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Checking in from land of the sick...

Nature Girl got the same virus that felled Dark Mirror, Wild Thing, and Papa Pan.

In her case it ended up giving her a middle ear infection. After waiting the requisite 48-72 hrs before demanding "Someone DO something!" I took her in and we got antibiotics. I waited precisely 64 hours actually.

The 39-40 degree fever (with taking tylenol for the pain) wasn't my tipping point in the "must treat this allopathically" decision. I relish a good infection fighting fever. It was the aching bones in her head - and if I had a chiropractor here I'd have taken her in there first, but while I'll experiment with chiropractors (they're all so different) with my skeletal system, I want to feel good about that person before they lay hands on my kids.

This is the first time I've really missed Chelsea since moving to Wolfville.

Our new clinic here (a co-op) is very nice and I *really* like the nurses and our new doctor is gentle and listens and is respectful of the fact that I don't use allopathic medicine as my primary care. But I miss my old doctor, I miss her humour and how she knows if I'm there, its serious, and I'm there for advise first and foremost, not a magic pill.

I miss my *two* fabulous chiropractors. My personal first choice was my chiro in Wakefield. He just was wonderful and intuitive and closed his eyes while he felt your spine. But he and his wife unschool and his hours weren't great so I also saw a chiropractor in Chelsea who specialized in pregnancy and children. She was within walking distance of the house and was my first line with anything like this.

The doctor agreed the issue was that her swollen lymph glands were causing more congestion in her inner ear by interferring with the tubes, and my children's chiropractor was GREAT at relieving that with a lymphatic massage. I wish I knew how to do it!

If I get this virus I'll miss MY mommy too.

And for my mommy, a more serious picture of the Sprout, this is his "I can impart great wisdom, if only you'll look into my eyes" (insert russian accent) look.

My least favorite thing as a mom is peeling oranges for kids, followed by peeling potatoes and peeling boiled eggs. My NEXT least favorite thing is entertaining kids who are too sick to go outside but too well to nap. I'm getting good at it, but I still don't enjoy it...the secret is to let them make a nice big mess somewhere...

Then stick them in the tub for an hour or so.

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