Monday, April 7, 2008

mommy blog metablogging

So over at Bottles Barbies & Boys she's posted about her husband being incredulous that she could finish a phone conversation after the baby peed down her side.

It's that dad panic that *I* don't get!

Okay the baby spat up on you... he does that about 24 times a day. You just deal with it, that's why there are spit up rags all over the house.

Then he asks "Why don't you wear them on your shoulder?"

And he asks me this...almost every day.

"Well Papa, where did he just spit up on you?"

"My crotch."

Yeah, I'm not into wearing cutesy printed flannel hazmat jumpers for the next year.

From my perspective, the spit up stains are less obvious than the remedy.

I met a neighbour today, and in typical fashion I've forgotten her name - but she has a beautiful 5 year old Landseer Newf bitch named Cleo! Cleo flung drool all over my top and her "mom" looked horrified ...kinda like I would if Sprout spewed all over the neighbour - but I said "Oh don't worry, I have 5 kids I'm used to it" Her response was genuine, and had no tone to it, but this is what she said...

"Oh yes, its like my friend xyz, she has 10 month old twins and a 3 year old. She doesn't care at all what she or the kids look like, as long as they can get out of the house all together at the same time."

Meanwhile Wild Thing is mooning her behind my back. His pants - without a diaper inside - are now too big and I haven't switched him to big boy undies yet, and he's going commando. A belt would be disastrous with all the racing to the potty so ...well so, there you go.

I've been reduced to spit and urine soaked clothes and children who show their bums to public, as we meet the neighbours.

And you know what? It's true, I don't care! I was so happy to be having an adult conversation it didn't bother me at all!


Beck said...

I'm laughing about Wild Thing mooning your friend - The Baby has just been potty trained and none of her pants fit her and of COURSE she can't wear belts and so....

monkey said...

i've had this idea about writing a coffee table book full of collected passive aggressively condescending comments. the unintentional ones. like the one your neighbor said to you. i bet she had absolutely no ill-intentions in saying that comment and, in fact, was probably trying to make you feel better. those are my favorite kinds of comments...they show the frail beauty in human nature. am i crazy to want a book of them?

Bottles Barbies & Boys said...

LOL...Too funny

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