Thursday, April 17, 2008

I am actually going to do a cleaning product review!

Papa Pan and I do not see eye to eye on cleaning products. I believe in the immune boosting qualities of a little dirt and bacteria, he thinks you should sanitize the bathroom.

I swear by soap, vinegar, and baking soda.

He loves a big ol' bottle of bleach.

I've gotten him off the antibacterial handsoap addiction he had, but he still wants to bleach the bathroom, even though he is the first to admit that the kids and I should leave the house when he does it.

I don't think cleaning products should run me out of the house.

I decided to meet him halfway. I decided to buy a bathroom cleanser.

So after trying their handsoap at my mom's I bought some Method all purpose surface cleaner.

First off I have to say I HATE their advertising campaign. I hate advertising that implies I'll be cool if I use something. It makes me not want to use it.

But the stuff works, it doesn't stink, it smells really nice (I got the grapefruit one) and the smell is GONE quickly too. This is a huge issue for me. They also make an unscented version which I'll buy if I see it.

The ingredients are LOVELY, I'd even let Wild Thing use them - they aren't on the label but they are at the website -

corn and coconut derived surfactants
soda ash
potassium hydrate
biodegradable surfactant
fragrance oil blend
purified water

AND they make flushable wipes with it on them. My favorite way to clean my bathroom is to spot clean it daily with babywipes. Now I can do that with Papa Pan's approval. (He doesn't believe a baby wipe is strong enough to clean the toilet)

AND I just discovered they are making a toilet bowl cleaner which I'll try if I see it (we have REALLY hard water here and I need to regularly turn off the water, empty the toilet bowl and let it soak in vinegar to get the scale off) The ingredients in it are not at all scary -

corn and coconut derived surfactants
lactic acid (mineral dissolver)
sodium lactate
natural thickening gum
fragrance oil blend
preservative (under 1%)
purified water

I still want that goddess cleaning stuff though. It doesn't claim I'll be cool if I use it.


KEM said...

Do you guys have Soap Exchange products out there? I know they're based out of Sask... Anyway, they are pretty enviro and home friendly, but they do a heck of a job (and you buy more by bringing in your old container to refill!!).

Rebecca said...

I've been using Method too and have been really happy with it. I go back and forth between no cleaning products at all and a staple can of Comet (shh, I know!). I liked their Christmas "peppermint vanilla" but it's seasonal, so I switched to Naked.