Wednesday, April 23, 2008

I have an earth day rant (one day late)

Crayola is on my hit list these days. Why? Twistable crayons. I don't understand how in this day and age ANY company could come out with a crayon or crayon pencil that is encased in a non reuseable PLASTIC casing.

Nature Girl's old school insisted on them so we have a bunch here (her new school likes crayons and pencil crayons - both of which have next to no waste and the waste they do produce can be COMPOSTED) and every time I find an empty twistable casing my stomach TWISTS with the wanton waste involved in these things.

I went looking for "Every Day is Earth Day" crafts this morning and the first thing to pop up was - this from Crayola's site, yes they specify you are to use twistable crayons to draw your nice little earth day card!

I'm furious and I'm writing a letter! I[ve been ranting about twistables since they came out with them and well this was the little slap I needed to push me into action.

I was shocked to see an earth day craft on your site featuring Crayola Twistable Crayons as an art medium. It was suggested that children could make earth day cards (drawn with Twistable crayons) to send to lawmakers to remind them to support environmental protection policies.
My children and I decided we should write to Crayola instead.

Crayola Twistable Crayons and Pencil Crayons are environmentally unfriendly. Crayons and pencil crayons are an environmentally sound product depending on the source of wax and wood. They create very little waste, and the waste they do produce is compostable.

Twistables are encased in plastic. Plastic waste is a huge concern as it does not biodegrade, it fills landfills and is creating a huge pollution problem in our oceans, and it requires nonrenewable oil reserves to produce. Twistables are not even refillable. They produce a huge amount of waste because of this!

Are twistables made with recycled plastic? Why can't we buy simple refill packages of crayons to put in the holders? Why haven't the casings been made of something like recycled cardboard?

I look forward to your answers

Thank you


monkey said...

i love your letter to crayola...mostly because you end your rant with suggestions and solutions and entice them to take action. you're an inspiration, m'lady...

ashley said...

My son got a box of Twistables as a gift and I don't like them either. They take all the fun of crayons away- no smell, no paper to tear, no side rubbing. This is going to be my next letter. Thanks!

Lily Boot said...

awesome! but you're right - their reply sucked. The cheerful, make-you-smile-and-say-aren't-crayola-cute sign off - Colourfully Yours - ugh! but - good for you for making your issue heard! :-)