Sunday, April 13, 2008

This movie touches so many of my interests it is bizarre!

Okay, so I haven't even seen it, but I just assume I'm going to love it!

It's a "really obviously CANADIAN film - and not in the bad way".

It's set in rural Nova Scotia.

It was filmed in a Waldorf School (and there's only one here - so lets just say it - South Shore Waldorf School!!!)

It's about a photojournalist who uncovers environmental wrongdoing.

I mean how much more perfect could it be???
Anyhow, it is called "A Stone's Throw"
I'm off to look for it...


Oma said...

I just ordered it from Zip.

Mud Mama said...

The reviews on it are mixed but I still really want to see it...but I have to say that is the SEXIEST Waldorf kindergarten teacher I've ever seen :-)