Monday, April 21, 2008

Challenging Times in Buy Nothing Month!

I am really proud of Papa Pan and myself! We are doing really well with Buy Nothing April.

The real challenge in this is that it is spring, and all winter we've been itching to get to the home reno projects we want to do to make this house a home.

We swore we would never live in a house that didn't have a mudroom again. We bought a 1970 bungalow with no mudroom. No mudroom and 3 small children is CHAOS. No mudroom and a climate that means you have fair, foul and blizzard conditions to consider all at the same time is completely INSANE.

Not only do we not have a mudroom, this house is full of totally dysfunctional closets. The doors grab toenails and rip them off. You can't get into the closet and they are dark and cramped once you do. So we started removing closet doors.

In this picture you can see a closet that has been untouched (this closet will be drywalled in this summer - the space will be co-opted for our bedroom closet which will be enlarged) and a closet that has had the doors removed and a curtain hung over it. I can finally get a towel out without wrestling! I'm looking for a neat fabric to put as a contrasting band on the bottom of the too short curtains.

The front hall closet became a real "issue" because it looks onto the livingroom from its no mudroom place of glory by the front door. It encouraged one and all to sit on the livingroom couch to wrestle into and aout of winter and wet weather gear.

So this month making that closet into a miniature mudroom was on the agenda.

Look what we did for 10.00.

It isn't "done" yet. I'll be painting out the upper shelf and the metal clothes rod. I want to get baskets for up top to hold all our mitten and hat crap, bike helmets, etc.

But the bench is made from those same acursed closet doors. The hooks were a dollar each (yard sale) and when we have people over we'll still have the rod for holding a thousand coats. But in normal times we finally have a coat and boot disembarking zone! Woohoo! I'm so proud of it I don't want to curtain it off anymore!

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