Monday, April 14, 2008

The weather here is always a surprise

One of my favorite things about our move is learning about the weather here. It is so different here in the Maritimes than it was in the Gatineau Hills.

I woke up this morning feeling groggy and grey (Sprout is teething) and looked out at a groggy grey day. The sleet was turning to flakes as I got breakfast on the table for the kids. I steeled myself for a grumbly sort of day, and started a fire to ward off the clammy chill. I made a big pot of tea and put on eggs to boil (Wild Thing can always be tamed with a nice egg and toast snack).

Then I looked out a north facing window and was DAZZLED by the image of Cape Blomidon in blazing sunlight. 30 minutes later the sunshine is just down the street, maybe a kilometre away, and the flakes are still falling from that lead bellied cloud above us.

So I got out the camera and waited 10 more minutes to get this:

Once the leaves are out on the trees I doubt I'll be able to see the Cape anymore but for now it's a favorite sight each day. Well each day that we aren't blanketted in fog.


Mad said...

Hey, do you know about the little shin-dig some of us bloggers have planned on the South Shore of NS in mid-May? It sounds to me like you wouldn't be that far away...

Email me if you're interested in deatils: madhattermommyAThotmailDOTcom

Oma said...

That's a great photo ... can you see the sensual kiss in the clouds when it is blown up?

Mud Mama said...

Oh I see it now!

By the time Nature Girl got home at 4:00 there wasn't a cloud in the sky. It was like I witnessed Spring pushing Winter out yesterday.

deb said...

I see the