Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Who lives there?

Can someone explain to me why all the current design books on FAMILY homes are obsessed with white walls, white furniture and glass topped tables?

Really, I get the lovely family photos where everyone is haphazardly dressed in white shirts and pants strolling down a beach - I can keep everyone clean for a photo shoot...I think... but family living spaces?

We've lived here 3 months ...

I don't even know when this handprint found its way onto this bedroom wall. I remember a blur of 2 weeks where there was a lot of fingerpainting done but its been eclipsed by even more paper cutting, playdough making, drawing with markers, chalk, oil pastels, and jumping around in flour

Where do chic designer families REALLY live, thats what I want to know!


Kelly said...

Don't forget the light beige carpeting so common in design books. I totally don't get this. We have leather couches, chair, and hardwood floors to make for easy clean up. The one rug? So multicolored you could pour ink on it and not realize there was a stain.

Mud Mama said...

I know, the only light coloured carpets we have can be hosed off - and they appreciate the hose!

One is a big shaggy goat hair thing from the 60's - shagadelic baby! That my mom salvaged from a neighbour's garbage pile and the others are sisal and need to get drenched now and again to stay on good shape. Everything else is patterned.

Kelly said...

Oooh, sisal. I hadn't thought of that. I bet it's pretty dog hair resistant, too (our main concern).