Saturday, February 9, 2008

Thrift Shopping finds

After the farmer's market today we went to Guy's Frenchys it is an institution in Nova Scotia. I love thrift shopping. I love looking at my kids and saying (to all that'll listen!) "This entire outfit cost 4.00! Can you believe it???" I buy clothes just for the fabric for projects. I find vintage goodies all the time. My kids get dressed in soft worn in, not out, clothes. While I can't always afford fair trade and organic clothes for my kids, I can always afford the thrift shop, and have even less impact on the planet by shopping there instead of buying anything new.

I've noticed that I go in there in "colour moods". I wonder if other people do this? Last time I came out with all sorts of orange things. This time, I came out with all sorts of pink and green things.

Nature Girl would say our best buy was a tiny wicker pram for dollhouse dolls for .10. Wild Thing would say it was the vintage print "space rocket" jammies I found him for 2.00. Sprout would say, if he could talk, that the cool tattoo style "Hunk of Burning Love" printed red onesie was da bomb at 1.40. Personally I was thrilled to find pink and green cashmere sweaters for about 2.50 each that are felting up in the washer right now. Papa Pan would say he's glad we came out of there before his bladder burst.

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Rebecca said...

LOL! I don't think Tony has ever set foot in a thrift store with me, but that totally made me laugh!