Monday, February 18, 2008

I'm taking a mental health day today

Welcome to my messy home! YAAPS is doing a "Show my house right this minute" thread. So I thought I'd join in. This is what you see when you come in the front door. These got seriously damaged in the move - SOMEONE used one as a ladder. I need to move them and fix them and stop using them as crap catch-alls. BUT NOT TODAY!!!

Typical livingroom scene - books, card games, sippy cup, blocks, postit note with riding lesson info on it for Nature Girl, unswept hearth...the slipcover is usually on the couch but there was a poopy accident there yesterday and its in the washer. I should dry it and wrestle it back on. BUT NOT TODAY!!!!

Diningroom, not too bad.
I love my new fridge.
Okay so we went overboard on buying bananas, but the organic ones were on sale and they will get eaten! Check out the cool recycled felted wool tea cozy by Lala&Gleen. I smile everytime I make a pot of tea, which is frequently.

To be continued...


zoom said...

What a good idea. I'm tempted to do it myself now, but I know I'd want to tidy up 'just a little bit' first, and that would be cheating, so I'd better not.

Mud Mama said...

I wanted to continue but blogger was down on the idea of loading any more pictures. I have the whole shabang on flickr - go see! The idea is to not edit and when you look you'll find its kind of interesting - some stuff bugs you more and you also notice things you like that you didn't like or notice before. I really like the white cabinets in my kitchen now, the wallpaper is blechy though.

zoom said...

I almost didn't post a picture on my blog the other day because you could see my mouse and it was filthy. Funny, it never bothered me before that. Anyway, I DID post the picture, but I also cleaned the mouse afterwards.