Thursday, January 31, 2008

Mud Mama and Gifts...

Papa Pan must be worrying the women he works with. There aren't a lot of men in elementary schools, so they end up being pretty female places to work. Lots of baby showers and what not. They know I help him pick out gifts for babies, and a teacher down the hall helps him wrap things. At Christmas he went to a store and described the people he needed gifts for so the shopkeeper could help him pick the gifts. "I need a jam for a woman going through menopause who hates her husband" (I think she got one with quince in it). He dresses kinda like Red Green, he's got a definite wild and wooly mountain man thing going on. They know I'm a good match for him, all hippie like, but they also know I am a WOMAN.

There was an intervention at lunch yesterday. They all came up with nice eco friendly jewellry suggestions for valentines day.

They know I got a beautiful wooden box for my birthday. I'm sure they pictured me crestfallen when I excitedly opened it, and found, an accessory pack of cutting bits and sanding drums for my dremel tool.

What they don't know is that I was literally showered with gifts this birthday. There was a stainless steel compost bucket. I've wanted one for years!!! There was another slim wooden box. As I lifted the delicate brass latches, all my dreams came true - router bits! Which meant there was a router somewhere!!!!!!!!! Now I'm playing with the big girls!!!!!!!

There is something totally frivolous that I want, and won't buy for myself - I'm even a little embarrassed to ask for it.

Dusting Divas line of cleaning products. I can mix up this stuff myself, but I am in love with the packaging (shocking, I know) and marketing (even more perplexing is that I'm excited by an advertising scheme).

Mighty Aphrodite - Tough Love Multi-Purpose Cleaner - made with pure essential oils of cinnamon and citrus...cleans and disinfects - comes in a handy 22 oz. spray bottle - $12.95

Isis - Mother of All Glass Cleaners - made with pure essential oils of lavendar and rosemary...because this is non-toxic, you can breathe easy while making glass sparkle, chrome gleam, tiles glisten and mirrors shine - comes in practical 22 oz. spray bottle - $12.95

Baba Yaga - The Slavic Wild Woman Goddess is present in this super-concentrated soft scrub. Geranium and clove oils bring joy and wild abandon into your life and into your tubs, sinks and toilets. - comes in comfortable container with a flip-top lid for easy use - $11.95

I'm trying to convince myself its okay because I can get refills...and they are a local company....and they promote clutter clearing .... and, and, and I love how the company came into being, and well I *deserve* some goddess power while I clean.

If the women at work are concerned because he bought me tools, think how horrified they'd be if he bought me CLEANING SUPPLIES for Valentines Day! Even one named after a love goddess!

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