Thursday, January 10, 2008

The start of something good....

Mornings are feeling pretty sane here. Nature Girl doesn't have to leave for school until 8am (in Quebec she had to be out the door to get her bus at 7:30) and we've been having no arguments about getting up, clothes, breakfast, tooth brushing, or hair pulling...I mean combing. I'm not sure if it is an existing calmness or if I'm actually creating something here but after breakfast and before tooth brushing I've instituted a new morning ritual.

Cuddle Cards.

I'd been meaning to get these for some time, and then they fell in my lap. Kinda like kids and cuddles. They're waldorf inspired positive affirmation cards for kids (and kid lovin grownups). This morning Nature Girl got "Friendship - What would you be without friends?" Both Wild Thing and I got Music cards. Today we'll think about and act on our Cuddle Card thought.

Nature Girl immeadiately remembered to put a notebook in her backpack to get neighbourhood kids' phone numbers. Wild Thing strolled away humming a seemingly Russian tune. I have been aware of how much I hum and sing us through transitions during the day.

They seem to be a very sweet way to make the day start out hopefully.

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