Monday, January 7, 2008

the 3200 km trip back to Quebec we just took was a piece of cake...

next to the daily walk to and from Nature Girl's school! We live on the very edge of Wolfville - across the street, orchards start, above our street is the highway. If you live in town limits there is no bussing to and from school. 100 metres from our front door, there would be bussing.

Going to school is relatively straightforward. Walk a kilometre through a nice forest full of trails and dogs and smiling happy people out for a daily stroll, a beautiful vista of the Minas Basin and Cape Blomidon down University Avenue until you reach Highland. Turn onto Highland and walk another kilometre. Try and keep your balance while going down the steepest street I've ever walked on in my life. It is so steep I actually worry I won't be able to stop at intersections as I'm holding back the jogging stroller.

Walking back again is daunting, not for Nature Girl, who has several hours to rest up before climbing back up the mountain that is Highland, but for me, pushing a jogging stroller with a 35 lb preschooler in it, and with a 16 lb Sprout strapped to my chest after just finishing the first leg of the journey. I got to do it TWICE today, going to school, and again after school.

Today I watched a mom ahead of us on Highland hauling a crying 6 year old up, over and over again, as she tried to lie down for a rest on the climb. I could sympathize, but Nature Girl got home and said "It is so much easier walking home than going to school!" My thighs and shoulders disagree.

On a positive note, I have no need for an expensive gym membership. If I needed any push to take classes at Acadia while the kids are at school, well, I can avoid the climb home for a few hours by attending a lecture!

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zoom said...

Sounds gruelling, but you'll be in phenomenal shape in no time at all and then it'll be much too easy for you and you'll have to run it.