Tuesday, December 18, 2007


I think one of the reasons Sprout was 16 days late was that I wasn't able to nest, I was packing up the house to move east instead, and constantly getting thrown out of my own house so prospective buyers could come for showings. The cleaning I did was necessary, not nesting.

The nesting urge has finally hit. I should, once again, be packing for our trip west to Quebec, but instead I'm staying up late unpacking my studio, making the playroom more warm and friendly, looking at paint chips for Dark Mirror's teen lair, planning out Nature Girl's bedroom (she wants it to resemble a fairy meadow...with soccer paraphenalia), and thinking up ways to reduce the echo in Wild Thing's bedroom.

Papa Pan put up shelves in the studio for me yesterday, and was all set to go order Nature Girl's new mattress, when I reminded him we leave for two weeks in 3 days! So we'll get it in the New Year.

I'm getting us established on the Kings County Freecycle, gave away packing boxes, books, an extra bed frame, got a big "office organizer" with drawers and shelves for the studio. Networking as I meet people - I'm going to volunteer as a peer support with a breastfeeding program called Bosom Buddies - met a volunteer who urged me to do it.

I need some advice on the playroom/familyroom...despite years of canvassing for being tv free, we aren't. It says something that we moved here on November 24th and still haven't plugged in the tv, but it exists in there - a cyclops. We have the wood to make a tv stand but I want it hidden away when we aren't watching it, which is most of the time. Papa Pan is wonderfully handy in many respects, but he is not a great cabinetmaker so I don't know about our ability to make doors. Any ideas for disguising it? I don't think a cloth will be enough.

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zoom said...

You could knit a TV cozy!