Friday, December 14, 2007

I used to be a juice hard-ass

I limited its consumption. I insisted that if they had it, it be organic. I squeezed my own. Then my kids started attending school and the juice box entered our lives. I HATE juice boxes - the packaging, the spills, the juice. My kids on the other hand, love the juice box. Papa Pan is a big fan of the juice box too, and keeps them in the car for instant child pacification purposes.

I found a way out of this sticky situation.

First, I noticed that we pay a 5 cent deposit on every single juice box here in Nova Scotia! Papa Pan is not a fan of juice boxes anymore.

Next, we found an organic juice seller at the Wolfville Farmer's Market who sells the best blended apple juice and everyone likes it, even watered down A LOT.

Then we got our new refrigerator. We needed a two door model because of the tight squeeze between the fridge and stove. I asked for a filtered water dispenser (city water after 3 years of deep sweet well water - blech!) and an icemaker (the only good thing about a hospital birth is the never ending supply of ice cubes they provide you with). The kids have been won over by ice cubes too.

My next project (and how handy, they're in Wakefield, where we're spending Christmas) is to get each kid their own aluminum sippy canteen from So I can forever ban the juice box from our house.

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