Monday, January 28, 2008


This is the play house part of the playroom. Abandoned while they were outside playing. Usually a hub of activity.

Nature girl and her zoo. I'm building new shelves to hold the baskets of toys but for now they just live along this wall.

The herbivore paddock, cows, goats, sheep, and giraffes.
"Mine peoples are canoeing. Mama? Go away, I'm busy playing."

I don't get nearly as many pictures of my kids as I'd like. Maybe if the camera was always out. Generally I feel like I'm interfering in my kid's lives if I start taking pictures though. I think a lot of waldorf families have the same kind of experience. I feel like I'm being let in on a really special secret world when my kids are playing imaginatively around me. If I pull out the camera they get self conscious and my invitation to their private inner world gets rescinded.

Today there was a lot of play I got invited to watch. There was a zoo built out of cloth and with wooden animals. There was a giant paddock with all the animals that could get along together (herbivores), and individual pens for each of the carnivores. There was pirate adventures in the tub, there was a big meeting of mythical creatures, elves, mermaids, unicorns and what have you on the livingroom couch, there was a great shovelling wet snow adventure in the back yard. I got a few sneaky shots of the playroom and they don't do any of it justice.

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