Friday, January 25, 2008

How to spend all day with people with ADD

I parent one of them and I'm partnered to one of them, and I may even be a bit of one myself, so I should know right?

Well apparently not! We visited the ADD Clinic yesterday and it was quite the education for me.

The office was full of confidence boosting "ADD is Great!" posters and articles and everything was in point form and shiny and attention drawing in some way. Amongst the posters were directives by the office too, posted multiple times and in big bold letters.

First, I noticed there wasn't a cancellation policy defiance of popular logic, there is a confirmation policy instead. No, "If you no show without cancelling we'll charge you an annoyance fee" instead, "if you do not confirm 48 hours ahead we're cancelling your appointment, and our office staff will only call ONCE to remind you you have an appointment to come for".

The second thing I noticed was that if you insist on gabbing away to the doctor past your scheduled appointrment time, she's going to charge you for every minute! The sign for this listed the fees.

The third thing I found interesting was that EVERYTHING is done in writing, no "here's your next appointment" chat, or appointment written on a little card. Instead they mail this info to you in big bright - can't lose it in a pocket - envelopes.

Isn't that a positive way to save your sanity, avoid saying things like "You're always late and I'm not staying late to accomodate you" and "I know you're going to forget what I'm saying, shall I write it on your forehead???"

This morning I taped all our bills around the house next to big shiny posters that said things like "Papa Pan! You look marvelous in that flannel shirt!" and "Being spontaneous is great!"

I need more glitter though.

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Rebecca said...

Omg, I love it! And need to do it too.