Monday, January 14, 2008

Decorating with kids

Wild Thing's room is first on our list of rooms to personalize. It shares a wall with our room and it is so big and empty and hardwood floor-y that you can hear a pin drop. Its usually towers of blocks dropping though. I'm starting to get a little shellshocked. We've been on the look out for SOFT furnishings that will deaden the noise.

The room is being decorated around 3 items - a night light that Wild Thing is absolutely in love with (it changes colour and I let him push the button if he uses the potty), a banner of dragons that his Oma brought back from China, and his new monster pelt.

We were in Costco stocking up on spaghetti and olives and I saw a giant pile of colourful (!!!???) sheepskins. It looked like a pile of skinned muppets, and I said as much while holding up a blue one. Nature Girl said "No it's SULLY!!!" from Monsters Inc. Well I could just see the scene from the sequel in my head - Wild Thing, not only unafraid of the Monsters in his closet, but hunting them down and displaying their skins as trophies.

Wild Thing has been upset about the Sprout using HIS sheepie, so we bought it for him.

He adores it.

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