Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The I Hate It Rap

Wild Thing is going through a rough period. He's given up napping and by bedtime is a surly little drunkard.

Yesterday was a particularly terrible, no good, very bad day. He fell down the stairs TWICE, got sent to his room for dumping Sprout out of his chair so HE could sit there, and then to add injury to insult, when I carried him to bed oh so lovingly, I accidently whacked his head on the headboard putting him down...and so began the rap...

I hurting my head I HATE that.
My head needs kisses and I HATE kisses
I no need a nap I HATE naps.
I want the dark to go away I HATE night time
I no want any apples I HATE apples
When we go to the farmer's market I HATE the man who gives children and mamas apples
Those apples are YUCKY, they no been washed and I HATE that, and, and they have bruises and I HATE bruises on mine apples.
I want mine apples clean and cut up because I HATE seeds and skin, but, but I no want my skin cut off because I hold my apples by their skin or they are YUCKY and I HATE yucky apples.
I HATE yucky peaches too.
I HATE the pit in mine peaches.
I HATE their yucky furry skin
I HATE their yucky peach cause mine hands get all sticky.
And, And, I Wild Thing and thats why I HATE peaches.

I really couldn't keep up with the litany and if I tried to interject with something positive it just got him going even faster with what he hated so after about 10 minutes of this, and trying not to laugh outloud (luckily we were in the dark cause he would have HATED to see my smile!) I said I had to go and yes he HATED that too, but I said I'd be back and that was okay.

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zoom said...

He's so cute. I LOVE this line: "My head needs kisses and I HATE kisses"