Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Sprout's Birthday

I made the Sprout a very sturdy little doll for his birthday, and Wild Thing helped to make a big golden pompom, and he got a lovely board book that is spiritual and well ... just the greatest celebration of being born on planet earth ever called - On The Day You Were Born by Debra Frasier.

Papa Pan wrote and played him a song.

Nature Girl made him cupcakes, she picked the recipe, she let Wild Thing beat the eggs, and she measured and sifted and mixed up everything and we made vanilla butter cream icing together.

Dark Mirror made the card we all signed.

Wild Thing decided he would pick the dinner and got out a family classic, The Mr Men Cookbook. We had Mr. Happy's potato boats with sausage sails and bacon flags, and pirate salad (cut up veggie pirates who swim in salad dressing before getting eaten up.

It was a nice first birthday.

The only glitch was that Wild Thing celebrated his birthday twice this summer - once with his father in Ottawa and once again when he got home here, and now has it in his head that birthdays are just parties and he thought this should be HIS birthday and was pretty upset off and on through the event.


monkey said...

oh! that last comment about wild thing made me laugh out loud. when i was little, i always had two birthdays (one with mom and one with dad) so i always assumed there were two of everything! wild thing has me beat assume EVERY brithday is yours :-)
the joy...

xup said...

Happy Birthday Sprout! And so nice to see it was all accomplished without batteries, McDonald's, clowns, ponies, loot bags or pinatas