Monday, October 20, 2008

Busy Weekend...

Oct 20 2019

I wrote an article on the EDU-CYCLE for the Grapevine, chatted up the EDU-CYCLE at the Farmer's Market, went on an adventure to find where Baba Yaga lives (stay tuned for a Baba Yaga story!), and scrumped the last of this season's mac's in the orchard next door, no putting them up we're eatting them in all their tart and juicy goodness!

If you'd like to join the EDU-CYCLE here's how:

Go to: and join.

If you live in King's County Nova Scotia you can join the local EDU-CYCLE: . If you don't, well be a pioneer and start a group in your regional area! Starting one is easy, contact me if you need help!

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