Sunday, October 26, 2008

How to Scrump

From high above an apple orchard looks like the epitome of order. In late autumn, after the picking is done, under the trees, they are a wonderful chaotic mess of free food.

Scrumping is the act of stealing ground apples from an orchard. Ethical scrumpers wait til the picking is done and take what has been left behind to rot.

Scrumping used to be the domain of children. It still helps to take some along when you scrump; landowners don't usually mind a bit of scrumping, but if you get someone ornery, they're less likely to yell at children.

Especially really cute children.

Ground apples come in many forms from rotten to perfect, don't bring home the rotten ones.

But don't be too picky either, scabs never hurt anyone and itty bitty apples taste as good as big round apples.

Wear your backpack on your front. You can fill one in 5 minutes on a good day!


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Oma said...

I miss the scrumptious children!