Tuesday, October 7, 2008

A Day in the Life

12:08: Sprout wakes up crying - nurse him
12:20: Sprout is wide awake and crawling all over the bed neck arching and grunting and crying
1:00: Sprout is finally beside me and pinching my nostrils
1:30: pulling my hair and biting it.
2:00: nurse him again and BEG HIM TO SLEEP!!!
2:10: decide one of us have to go and go sit at computer and read Rolling Stone article on McCain
3:00 sneak back into bedroom try to sleep while Sprout climbs all over me
3:30 Papa pan gets Skullcap and gives 10 drops to Sprout
5:00: Sprout is finally fretfully sleeping, doze off.
7:10: Papa Pan wakes me up and in process accidentally wakes Sprout
7:15: Get Nature Girl out of bed
7:20: Nurse Sprout under quilt on couch IT IS DAMNED COLD IN HERE!!!
7:22 Wild Thing joins me complaining about cold
7:23: Nature Girl complains about cold while standing in underwear
7:25: Ignore "cold! cold! cold!" whining from Papa Pan and Wild Thing
7:30: Change Sprout's poopy diaper
7:40: Wrap Sprout up in blanket and help Wild Thing get dressed
7:45: Throw cereal and cold milk at Nature Girl and apologize for shoddy breakfast while mainlining cup of coffee
7:46: Go through "Missing Socks" debacle with Papa Pan, order him to lay out clothes night before from now on
7:55: Make lunches, get sidetracked by Wild Thing's stinky potty and Darkmirror begging for "mental health break day"
8:10: Beg Nature Girl to buy hot lunch because there's only bread for one sandwich. Pack good snacks for her
8:13: find new toothpaste
8:15: Push kids out door with hugs and kisses and homework and notes and reminders NOT to go to friends place after school, COME HOME THROUGH WOODS
8:16: Lie on floor and close eyes for a minute.
8:17: Look at kitchen
8:18: Back away from kitchen
8:20: Sort and load washer full of sheets
8:23: Dump clean laundry to sort on bed
8:25: Make Wild Thing and Sprout breakfast - yogurt and cereal
8:28: Check email
8:30 Realize dog hasn't been out yet. Suit up boys and take Mica to orchard. Scrump ground apples
8:45: Get home and finish checking email while boys play with blocks and train set
9:00: Papa pan calls to remind me about oil being delivered. Wish we had a better wood stove.
9:05: Fold Laundry on bed, load dishwasher and run
9:15: Check sky, looks like rain, move sheets to dryer
9:20: Fill washer with LOAD of socks and underwear
9:25 Sit down with more coffee and old crusts from bread with jam, read Soulemama's blog, covet her apple peeler.
9:45 Mom calls, chat with her while tidying Darkmirror's room up
10:00: Hear Sprout in Studio and go stop mayhem NEARLY PEE MY PANTS WHEN OILMAN FILLS TANK What the Hell is that freaky scary noise in here???
10:05:Oh look the Oil man literally scared the shit out of Sprout - change diaper
10:15:Boil water for spaghetti with plans for baked spaghetti dinner
10:07: Check oil bill and immediately load up basket with kindling and bring in wood, set up stove to run right before bed with extra wood to add in morning DAMNED IF I'LL START THE FURNACE!!!
10:30: Remember water on stove, make spaghetti
10:33: Apple snacks for Wild Thing
10:35: Set him up to draw at table "Sorry bud I forgot!"
10:40: Try and get Sprout to nurse down for a nap - no go
11:00: Drag out bin of flannel sheets
11:15: Realize I have to put laundry away before I can make my bed, walk away from it.
11:20: Sit down to fix sewing machine WHY will the bobbin not wind???
11:45:GIVE UP and make lunch and eat lunch
12:15: Read with Wild Thing - the Pond Book (wrong season but he was intrigued)
12:30: Clear out dishwasher and refill
12:45: Read Castle Diary and Vikings Eyewitness books with Wild Thing
1:30: Write this out while nursing Sprout and TRYING to get him to take a nap.
1:45: change 3rd poopy diaper of the day. Cheer when SPROUT WALKS TO WILD THING!!! 4 whole wobbly steps!
1:55:Put away clothes on bed
2:10: Try to get Sprout to take a nap, wonder why the house is REALLY COLD - Wild Thing opened up all the living room windows
2:30: Give up on napping child, grit teeth and move laundry to dryer
3:00: Put Sprout down for nap, set Wild Thing up with clay and BEG him to be nice and quiet so mummy can lay down.
3:05: Put casserole in oven
3:10: Lie down with fitfully napping Sprout
3:25: Nature Girl is home from school, wakes me for snack
3:45: Nature Girl is clomping around in outdoor shoes, remind her to take them off
4:00: Darkmirror is home from school, wakes me up to say "hi"
4:45: Papa Pan calls to tell me he's getting school supplies at store do I need anything?
5:00: Get up and take casserole out - feed littles
5:30: Papa Pan gets home - Feed him and me
6:00: Take Nature Girl to drama class, hang out and surf net while class is going on
7:30 Go home, change Sprout, run bath for Wild Thing and Nature Girl, check in with Darkmirror about homework and put kids in tub
8:00 Nurse Sprout and read aloud to Papa Pan from Scattered Minds by Gabor Mate
8:15 Papa Pan takes Sprout to bed while I get the pirates out of the tub and into jammies
8:20: Prayers and bedtime for the littles
8:30: Take Darkmirror icecream, hang with him and chat
9:00: Bed read for 20 minutes ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ




Kelly said...

This log was comforting to me. I noticed many similarities in our day...

monkey said...

i'm tired just reading this...oh my.