Thursday, October 9, 2008

No more bricks and mortar schools?

October 9, 2019

Dark Mirror is coming home, they’ve closed Acadia indefinitely.

We thought the small town university would be safe but ReDS outbreaks and fears have hit them too.

He’ll still be taking classes and teaching his class, but everything’ll be on the NETwork now. I think he’ll be happy!

I suppose we should have expected it, they closed the public schools three years ago due to ReDS in urban centres and bussing costs in rural areas like this. Its been a boon for our family, Papa Pan is a teacher and can work from home now. He’s still working for the school board. Nova Scotia already had the high school set up as a distance education option. They’re slowly getting the whole system on the NETwork but hacking is making that problematic. He’s contracting to be a marker and consulting on how to provide special education to those who need it in this new era. Age isn’t an issue with this kind of “teaching”, my mom is doing a bit of marking too!

We have a lot of discussions about how the school board and ministry is failing elementary school aged kids and special needs kids. Distance courses and online education do not meet their needs at all. I’ve gone back to running my Waldorf inspired co-op from home. It’s in the flesh for those close enough, and I volunteer to do consulting/mentoring and podcasts for other home-based learners and teachers.

Now where am I going to put everyone? I think our next co-op day will be spent coppicing wood for a yurt!


Oma said...

If I have to mark ... my least favourite part of teaching ... I had better have a comfy ger (yurt) !

deb said...

Was this a post from the future? You had me totally convinced that it had actually happened. It wasn't till I came back today that I realized that I might be out by a decade or so.

Mud Mama said...

I'm playing a game 11 years into the future. Its a "solution based game" response to projections on when we'll reach the critical point and face extinction. The date for that is only 30 odd years in the future, so the game is set 11 years from now. You need to imagine yourself then and do what you can with a realistic vision of who you'll be, and where you'll be in your life. Darkmirror is kind of using this game simulation to figure out what he really does want to do with his life.

Mud Mama said...

Oma, keep practicing that felting today, in the future it'll be the secret to a dry roof over your head!

dottyspots said...

Ah now a co-op in a yurt/ger sounds fabulous!

I'm really happy atm as we're finally moving forward with a regular home-ed meet here and it's in the woods, which is a wonderful location. There's a wonderful playground, air pipes (you have to stand on 'steps' to push the air through to make noise, great fun), picnic tables and a fire pit (so we're planning some camp fires and roasting marshmallows as it gets colder).

We had our first meeting last week, with a shared meal and one of the dads drumming in the background.

I'm so pleased things are finally moving forward here!