Wednesday, October 8, 2008

In other news:

Nature Girl is bringing in food for the foodbank. Great huh? We sent in cans of tuna, cans of beans, and a six pack of whole wheat spaghetti. I talked with her about how important the food bank was to people who didn't have enough money for food and her reply was "Oh, I thought we were just doing this to get a popsicle party!" So I talked some more about the importance of helping others in the community and she said "Yeah AND we get a popsicle party for filling the bag!

This is why I am against rewards based education.

Wild Thing is still talking about the Oil getting delivered yesterday. (I'm not sure why I am capitalizing Oil, perhaps because it costs more than a dollar a litre I assume it must be a really important proper noun.) He sounds like a Shel Silverstein poem.

"I'm very afraid of being in my room
There was a big scary sound
and I knew it had to be something,
or a nothing.
it growled like a dinosaur
and shook my walls.
It was a very scary nothing"

Darkmirror set up a chthulu on top of the computer - his eyes follow me. For a furry stuffie he is very frightening.

I got out the bin of halloween stuff this morning. I hope Nature Girl's funky halloween tights fit for one more year. After that I'm cutting off the feet and giving them to Wild thing to wear as dress up tights.


monkey said...

do you have an address where i can mail something to you?
you can email me at:

Oma said...

Don't buy any of the gold wrapped pirate gold pieces made in China. They are being sold at Costco. They are laced with melamine.