Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween 2019

Halloween is our favorite holiday. We love everything about it.

Assembly 12 means no big parties this year, but if there's an upside to ReDS it's that everyone has put a lot of thought into their masks this year!

I've volunteered to be a community candy sorter. You know the drill, take the pillowcase, sort out all the homemade treats, apples, popcorn, cupcakes, toffees, potato candy, etc from the packaged candy, throw out the packaged candy while the parents distract their child with apple bobbing, return the safe homemade stuff.

Then we adults go through the packaged stuff to discern the counterfeit from the real brands and risk our lives with a taste or two. Alas my favorite treat is not worth the risk - I used to love those rocket candies but they are too easy to tamper with, what with being powdery little pills!

Technically, my kids are all a little old for trick or treating, but they really love it still so we're dressing up and hitting the neighbours in our 5km reach.

It reminds me of my own childhood. We lived rurally too, and back then in the 70's we DROVE from farm to farm (usually in a costume OVER a snowsuit!) I still remember Flossie's house being my favorite. Flossie predictably had a tidy little pink house and her kitchen was warm and smelled of cinnamon. She made lovely fudge and I stepdanced as my trick for my treat.

Nature Chick is dressing as a spider and has her fiddle and tap shoes with her, Wild Thing is a pirate with his squeeze box, and Sprout is a tin can one man band. They've decorated theit solar lanterns to look a little spooky. Darkmirror is one of the tall ones from CommanderZim.

We're having colcannon for dinner, some traditions are worth keeping up don't you think?


zoom said...

I remember going to Flossie's pink house with the Canadian flag! She was so sweet and her husband was so weird and he always acted like he had a pickle up his butt. I think he was a famous chef or something.

Carolyn said...

8 and 4 are too old? Silly!