Monday, October 27, 2008


At superstruct we've been challenged to reach out and ask for help with our superstructs. This is the letter I sent my favorite artist Nikki McClure:

Dear Nikki,

I am a huge fan of your work and I'd like to ask you for 10 minutes of your time (more if it inspires you!)

I am participating in an online multiplayer forcasting game called SUPERSTRUCT. You can read about it here -

In a nutshell the game asks us to play ourselves eleven years in the future and we need to respond to imminent threats facing earth - the breakdown in the food supply and distrivution chain, disease, the end of the oil age, migrant populations, and cyberthreats like hacking by creating groups and organizations to deal with these threats. What is at stake in the game is our ability to push back the collapse of human civilization.

My favorite superstruct is called 21st Century Wonder Tales

Who We Need: Storytellers the globe over.

How to join: Tell a tale. Make it a classic folk or fairy tale that will help children face the threats they deal with daily.

Mission: An educational resource pulling together classic stories for children that draw on archetypes through time and culture that illustrate the superthreats in a way children can understand and respond to.

What we can accomplish: With a combination of text, podcasts, videos, storyboards, web comics, etc we can create a collection of wondertales that children can access (or oral storytellers) that tell the tale of the superthreats and the kinds of heroes and heroines we need today! These stories are as old as language and haven't lost their message. We need to hear them, we need to absorb their wisdom.

How this superstruct works:We can collect stories, tell our own and collaborate with people offline to find the best folk tales out there that illustrate today's problems. We'll collaborate with any education based superstruct that would like to utilize a service like this.

One of our primary missions will be to volunteer to storytell in refugee camps. While there sharing our tales we can collect more. Our mission is to reflect the global wisdom in these tales.

I keep flashing on the "stories" that you tell so lyrically with a single word and a poignant image.

Would you be willing to give us 10 minutes of brainstorming on ways I could improve this structure?

While this is "just a game" I'm inspired to find a way to realize it.

Thank you so much for your art and vision,

mudmama at

Now dear readers,

I'd like to ask you the same thing! Can you give me 10 minutes of brainstorming energy on what 21st Century Wonder Tales could do?

Lots of love,


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