Tuesday, October 21, 2008


October 20th 2019

So we were sitting around the dinner table (chicken soup) discussing pork. I love pork, I really do. I start drooling just thinking about real organic grass fed bacon. When I was pregnant with Darkmirror I lived for 3 months on bacon lettuce and tomato sandwiches. I was a macrobiotic vegan at the time. Darkmirror grew up into a ham loving fellow.

We simply can't afford pork though. Since they shut down factory farming (Love Canal has nothing on Luter's Iowa!) the demand for pork WAY outstretches the supply of it and it's just a luxury I can't see spending money on.

Papa Pan suggested we get our own pig to raise. Getaway would sell us a piglet, they have some hearty rare breed over there. I suggested we populate the scrub at the edge of our property with wild boar. My mom got all up in arms "Oh Mud! You COULDN'T eat a real pig you knew! Don't you remember Diego???

Meet Diego -


I still thought I could eat a Diego but Nature Chick was on her Oma's side and googled "wild boar" and found an absolutely adorable picture of a baby Wild Boar and yes I squealed at the cuteness (they have markings like fawns!!!) and I started to think I couldn't eat a wild boar either...until I read the article. It was from back in October 2008 and was detailing the problem with the Wild Boar population in Germany - it had risen by over 340 % (at this point I was feeling smug "Look they're vermin! I could eat vermin!") and they were coming into town in search of food ... THEY WERE DIGGING UP CEMETARIES TO EAT THE BODIES.

I think I'm off pork and the idea of a wild boar carrying off a child to eat doesn't really appeal to me. Papa Pan is still going to talk to Getaway about a DOMESTICATED piglet though. Darkmirror is still pushing for wild boar, he says they'll help with the zombie problem.

Thanks to Erin at http://intriguingtimes.blogspot.com/ for use of her picture of Diego!

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MamaAngel said...

I am really enjoying your "in the future" series! It combines my love of sci fi and natural living in one fun package.