Saturday, January 31, 2009

Taking a break from cleaning to quickie post

Nature Girl is getting an EEG and a referral to a neurologist so we can rule out or catch petit mal seizures. I really hope it's JUST ADHD and daydreaming...but her doctor, psychologist, teachers, and our family have all seen her "go behind her eyes" and it needs to be ruled out.

So send good thoughts for her.

I asked the doctor if they'd been contacted about her report by interested parties and they haven't heard a word. It's been well over a month since they got the report and over a month since I gave permission for them to contact the psychologist. Not a sound. I don't think the interest is sincere. Which means we are definitely staying in Nova Scotia. Life does not move at the glacial pace they prefer. I'm really sad for Nature Girl.

In more hopeful news:

We have an offer on the house and more showings, which puts pressure on the people interested to go as high as they feel they can in their offers.

Back to polishing hardwood floors!

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red fraggle said...

Good thoughts to Nature girl. If you have concerns please contact me directly via e-mail. I am not clear on what is required.