Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Have I mentioned that my mom is very competitive?

She entered an ugly contest with one of her best friends and as usual was determined to win. She scoffed at rashes and steroid treatments that Tamarak told her about and went for the gold. An incredibly swollen eye infection.

I'm brushing off the dust on my photograhy course memories. This would be the best picture I took - technically - the whole trip!


Oma said...

Thanks, Dear.

monkey said...

wow! i kind of have an affinity for the crazy things that can happen to our bodies so i'm loving this picture.
although, i'm NOT loving what surely must have been an incredibly painful experience for your mom.
just know that i would have most definitely taken pictures of myself if it had been me and i would have marveled at them for hours.

Mud Mama said...

That's the best part - it didn't hurt!