Thursday, January 8, 2009

My kids like sharing sleeping space

Especially if it is in a closet - at Oma's Christmas Eve.

However they do not like sharing their room first thing in the morning when a certain pirate wakes before dawn and wants all the lights on. We had a huge kafuffle about this this morning. There was too much yelling and there were some tears and idle threats about running away to join the circus. When things calmed down I did some thinking on the issue.

Right now the room they sleep in is "Wild Thing's Room" so he feels he should be able to play in there in the morning. Nature Girl's room has been relegated to her dressing room and a place to slam the door and exclaim 'YOU ALL HATE ME!!"

So I have a plan to do a sleeping room with bedstees in it.

This is a bedstee. Cool huh?

one of the houses we looked at had a bunkbed bedstee.

So I'm plotting a bunkbedstee and a single bedstee in a room for the three littles until they're sick of this shared room thing.

Darkmirror likes bedstees too but he needs more space than the others. I may need to build him a cave too.

The theatrical dressing room? It'll become the predawn playroom.


dottyspots said...

They're great - I've also wanted some for a while (erm, also a house suitable to house them in...)

I never knew they were called bedstees though.

monkey said...

it is so inspiring to see how you adapt so beautifully to your children and their needs without the side effect of turning them into people who feel entitled to have everything their way. your intentions are so full of love and absolutely brimming with the goal of creating healthy and creative and treasured hearts and minds.
i hope this comment made sense, i'm feeling a need to over explain and that's not usually a good sign!

red fraggle said...

I saw a bunk bed with a trundle yesterday and thought - ooh all three in a fort!! This looks even cooler though.

RunninL8 said...

Ah, ha!! That would be the perfect thing for Lo's room-it's SO tiny and has no closet. it used to be our dinning room!
My kiddos do the occassional "sleepover" in a tent downstairs!