Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Nature Girl is taking a mental health day...


For those aware of her struggles with reading this is cause of celebration.

We'll have to bake a cake today.

In other educational news Wild Thing is now making a very nice hard C sound and with the help of his pirate hook in his mouth, a rather clear G.

We continue to work on the L and S sound and are visiting the osteopath this afternoon to see if there is anything she can do to help him with making these troublesome sounds.

Darkmirror is playing catch up with his sketchbook assignments and is drawing creepy anthromorphic things based on real life creepy things ... he really likes parasites that take over your brain and make you their puppet!

Sprout is following everyone around adoringly.

1 comment:

red fraggle said...

Go Nature Girl!
Staying up all night to read is a cherished family tradition, though out there I don't suppose she's reading by street light.

Pirate hook as speech aid - Why not?

DM _ Can you post some of your pictures please? We would love to see them.

Ah - Sprout and Willow have similar habits. She thinks he's hilarious btw. His picture elicited a great big grin last night.