Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Inside Wild Thing's head...

I have to admit, I think my kids are endlessly fascinating people. I think all four year olds are. They can tell us what is going on up there in their heads, without it being spoiled by peer pressure.

Here's a snippet of Wild Thing's world. He told me this while hovering on the side of the tub while I took my bath.

I won't transcribe my comments because after several kids I know my answers are meaningless - I generally say - "I wonder about that too!" or "Tell me why!"

"I'm a little kid right? I'll be a big kid like Nature Girl when I grow big enough to have mine own skates. Then I'll be a big boy like Dark Mirror. He's a a big kid man now. Then I'll be a big man and I'll get to get my sword and hat back and mine own ship back"

Okay rewind "You will?" I asked

"Yes, why did you take me off the ship and make me into your baby? How come pirates get to come back and be babies again? It's because they're magic. Some pirates don't like being babies though and they cry a lot. Tell me about the night you stole me from mine pirate ship. Did I have a beard?"

I thought we might be moving out of the pirate phase; there are some mighty fine dinosaur drawings being done these days. Now I find out his entire spiritual belief in birth and enlightenment is tied up in returning to all his pirate glory.


Oma said...

His pirate drawing is on my fridge ... a wonderful moving figure brandishing a sword. Of course that is his deity!

Nature Girl's drawings of the lake are there too ... still ... reflecting trees ... with an excellent sense of perspective ... but I remember when all her drawings moved as well.

Oma said...

I think he needs to see Finding Neverland one of these days.

zoom said...

I'm glad you stole him off his pirate ship and shaved off his beard and made him into your baby.

red fraggle said...

Okay - that explains a few things - he was asking Nana why when he would be a big boy over and over. I tried " What is a big boy?" and ' what makes you a big boy?" but got no straight answer. Just frustration and more questions - Like " When will my hair be dark like Tyren's?"