Thursday, January 29, 2009

Crazy Week not yet finished...

I've been taking loads of pictures (like 400 at a time) of such fascinating things as Wild Thing playing with blue goo (cornstarch and water with a few drops of food colouring) and Sprout eating spaghetti and bananas and other foods looking ever so retro and Gerber Baby like - he is strangely stuck in the 1950's - he always looks retro no matter what he's wearing but food related pictures cinch the deal - cause of the 1950's high chair we have.

I started the week taking a picture of my washing machine though. I didn't know why. It isn't something I'm happy about in an "I'm 40 wheee!!!" way. It isn't interesting to look at. In fact I dislike my washing machine. It's a stacked washer dryer - old type with the drum that fills with water. I won't get one of the newer washers that use next to no water until I am past diapering - they do not get diapers clean unless you spend all day mollycoddling the load through extra rinses etc. But the only reason I have this washer is that my old washer died during the period that we were looking at privately buying a house in Canning. So occasionally I feel real chagrin looking at my washer!

This is more interesting than it sounds.


I promise.

When we were all visiting Nova Scotia - putting Darkmirror through the trauma of TRAVEL and STRANGE BATHROOMS and MEETING NEW PEOPLE EVERY DAY and VERY LITTLE COMPUTER TIME when we were deciding wether to move to Nova Scotia or not (he was our bellwether) we stayed with a friend of mine. One night during dinner her ex called and told us this guy she knew from Canning had a mom who wanted to sell her house and if we were interested, to call her. We were SWIMMING in real estate looking at way too many places and Papa Pan was visiting principals and it was just too much so we didn't call her.

A couple months later when Papa Pan was again in Nova Scotia going to job interviews he was wandering through Canning giving out cards in case anyone knew of any houses that were going to be coming up (we really love Canning) and he met the very son that the friend's ex had mentioned - he was visiting from Halifax. Papa Pan visited the house and stayed for dinner. He LOVED the house and I loved the pictures of the house and it was exactly what we wanted to be paying for a house. Then the washer died. The only washer dryer that would fit in the kitchen of the Canning House was a stackable. So we bought the washer specifically for the farm red kitchen with tin ceilings in Canning. Then our house didn't sell right away and the woman who owned the house decided she didn't want to move mid school year and our verbal agreement fell through. We ended up buying in Wolfville. This house is not us.

Well our offer on the farm expires on February first. Before we sign up for another 3 month conditional offer Papa Pan suggested we see if she was ready to sell yet.

I have to say the farm is my DREAM house. Papa Pan...not so much. I have been trying to be as open as possible to the things life throws in our path. Canning is my DREAM location (town full of artists within a quick bike ride of the ocean) so we called her up and she still wants to sell to us!

The house has that "happy families have been raised here" sparkly vibe about it. I loved it. Everything felt like home right away.

I got home to a call that the people interested in our house are seeking financing and a call to show the house to more people Saturday.

Maybe my washer will show me the way "home"?

Tomorrow we have a doctor's appointment in Halifax and I get to find out if Nature Girl's needs are being seriously considered or not. Have calls been made has there been any follow up? That also factors into our decision making process and deciding where "home" is going to be.

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