Tuesday, January 20, 2009

For Auntie Zoom!

This is the very first think Zoom of Knitnut.net ever knitted! For Darkmirror (who is now 15)

I'm still unabashedly impressed that she did something with this many colour changes in the pattern as her FIRST knitting project. Mine was a holey scarf.


zoom said...

Wow...I'd forgotten that that outfit was the first thing I ever knit! It's still the only pair of pants I've ever knit, although there have been a few other sweaters since.

I'm impressed that you've managed to keep that outfit all these years, and that all your kids have worn it.

Tell Sprout that one of these days I'm going to knit him something of his very own. Do you think he would like a sock monkey hat?

Mud Mama said...

He LOVES hats at the moment and *I* love sock monkeys so I'd say a definite YES!

He loves the hat you knit me and wears it around a lot.